@NikkiBenz beautiful photo

I’ve only really worked with Nikki Benz a few times a long time ago. That’s actually a really old photo. This photo is surely more of an opportunity for me to praise the success of this amazing woman on my blog. I have the pleasure to call her a really good friend of mine… To me, she reigns as the supreme First Lady of the adult industry. There is a lot of models in the adult business but Nikki is the only one in the recent years to have such level of exposure and success. She’s very feminine and beautiful but don’t get any ideas because she’s also fearless! I’ve rarely seen such ability to combine an extremely sexy  look and antic humor.  Yes! She can joke around like a truck driver and make the toughest guys blush in ten seconds… She’s the most succesful adult star right now and she doesn’t even take herself seriously. This to me shows great character and confidence. “Respect!”



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