Natalia beautiful Latina model

Natalia is just effortlessly sexy!  She’s a natural beauty who looks like she came from Brazil but she’s actually an L.A girl! One of the reason why L.A is so great… She is very refreshing  with her fragile charm as she was first a little nervous being nude in front of a camera. However when she got her game face on the poses she gave me were fantastic. She ‘s somewhat mysterious and also innocent at the same time, I’ve rarely seen that. She works for a large energy drink company but when she isn’t working she definitely likes to party. Natalia is very hippie L.A; Multicultural, sexual, happy and carefree ! I’m sure I’ll see her in Coachella next year.



  1. Scott M

    March 8, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    I really think that Greg Lansky’s work is super unique and under-rated he really capture the beauty of models a special way.

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