@MissDaniDaniels @xoGeorgiaJones @AlyssaReece party hard !

It’s always a very special moment when as a photographer you get to shoot a group of people truly having fun. It’s your responsibility to create the right energies and vibe then let the models take it over and they sure did that night !! Originally I was thinking of doing an all girl  Valentine’s day type of shoot but that didn’t last long and ended up being something… different. Dani popped that bottle of champagne like she’s been doing that all her life and Alyssa, Georgia and Ashley were in such a crazy party mood it was definitely a wild night…  I have rarely trashed a place as much as that evening but… it was well worth it after the fantastic shots we got. 


  1. matty

    March 8, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    You can really tell that Greg Lansky catches the essence and energy of each models he shoots. his glamour and nude photography is superb. 

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