Beautiful @MissDaniDaniels photos


I’ve known Dani Daniels for almost two years and she is one of those girls who just makes everyone smiles when she walks in a room. I’ve worked numerous times with this awesome, beautiful curvy brunette and every single time she impressed me. She has one of the most amazing ass I have ever seen and with her tall figure and piercing blue eyes you could take photos of this girl all day. She is this tall ultra sensual woman but she is also so nice and positive that she’s definitely one of my favorite models to work with. Over the years, she’s also became a friend and when you’re around Dani you can only be charmed by her awesome personality. Since I met her for the first time her career definitely took off, I have a lot of faith in this girl I know she’ll definitely be successful. Oh and she also has the coolest car of all the models I’ve shot those last few years, this big Jeep truck with huge wheels. She’s very proud of it !  



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