PHOTO : I miss summer already !

PHOTO : @malenamorgan pumping iron !



PHOTO : @malenamorgan & @miamalkova kissing in the jungle

Photo : @miamalkova after her shower

Photo : @MondayBarr perfect body at sunset.

Photo : @malenamorgan Loves Teal

Photo : Sleeping beauties

Photo : @AnikkaAlbrite tub fantasy

Photo : @xoGeorgiaJones hanging form the ceiling


That photo was a lot of fun to take. We had to help Georgia get all the way up and then let her hang on her own. One thing to know about Georgia is she’s fearless… and that was nothing for her. She hanged on that loft’s ceiling for a few minutes with perfect grace like it was nothing. She has the perfect fashion model body ! Piercing blue eyes, long skinny legs,  and a petite structure but she still has wonderful curves – which is very rare.


Georgia is a crazy, funny and intelligent girl from the South who lives life to the maximum. She is the ultimate free-spirit and she doesn’t follow any rules not even mine on set and I love it ! I’ve known her for a few years now and she’s such a captivating person, it is impossible to be bored for even one second in her company. You can be talking to her one minute and next thing you know she’s gone halfway around the world with a Sweedish girl she met 10 minutes ago at a coffee shop. Georgia’a lifestyle is worth a few books! In a few years she’ll be the female version of the most interesting man in the world !

@JaydenJaymes sexy downtown rooftop sunset !

The best word to describe Jayden is Badass… this girl is just all around awesome. Beside being naturally stunning and sexy Jayden has such a strong character it makes her even sexier. She can love you or hate you and you’ll know right away…  There is no denying that what stands out at first glance is her amazing ass,  Jayden has such fantastic curves she could be on the cover of King Magazine every month. She is one of the most popular model in the adult industry now and it is instantly obvious that the title is well deserved.  That particular shoot was a lot of fun. We waited for a bit on this rooftop for the Sunset to come out and to catch the perfect moment. We had a great conversation waiting and then just started throwing jokes at each other. I remember thinking how great it is to see such a hot girl with such a great sense of humor…


Teal / @TConradx the beautiful girl next door

I recently met Teal for a few shoots I did and what an interesting girl she is. Despite having a beautiful face with piercing blue eyes you may, or may not, be surprised to hear that Teal was a successful fitness model before she got into adult modeling. With stunning long hair, a muscular, toned body and incredible tits Teal’s body just cries out to be photographed. Teal is also a total tom-boy, she hates wearing hills and is the perfect example of the hot all-American outdoorsy babe.

@malenamorgan naked dubstep dancing !

Malena Morgan dubstep moves ! from gregs diary on Vimeo.