@Lia_Lor Sunset

I met this beautiful girl almost a year ago in Hollywood. I instantly recognized raw talent and I knew she was going to create a name for herself. Since then she has had an amazing career in the adult industry but also in mainstream modeling collaborating with great photographers like Terry Richardson. She’s such a down to earth and kind girl that it makes me happy to see her succeed. Lia is the ultimate free-spirit she will defnitely follow no one’s rules and that’s also definitely part of her charm. She’s also extremely feminine, sexual and intelligent. Her personality is very interesting because behind this beautiful sexy woman is a huge nerd that plays World of Warcraft!

@DiamondFoxxx great photo

Beautiful @MissDaniDaniels photos


I’ve known Dani Daniels for almost two years and she is one of those girls who just makes everyone smiles when she walks in a room. I’ve worked numerous times with this awesome, beautiful curvy brunette and every single time she impressed me. She has one of the most amazing ass I have ever seen and with her tall figure and piercing blue eyes you could take photos of this girl all day. She is this tall ultra sensual woman but she is also so nice and positive that she’s definitely one of my favorite models to work with. Over the years, she’s also became a friend and when you’re around Dani you can only be charmed by her awesome personality. Since I met her for the first time her career definitely took off, I have a lot of faith in this girl I know she’ll definitely be successful. Oh and she also has the coolest car of all the models I’ve shot those last few years, this big Jeep truck with huge wheels. She’s very proud of it !  

@TiffanyBrookes1 super long legs

This was a pretty cool shot I got with Tiffany Brookes, she’s from Texas and I love that. This long legged beauty has an amazing body and a great wholesome personality. More soon.

Portrait of my friend Morgan

@MissCelesteStar naked in 40 gallons of milk !

This was a memorable shoot. Celeste with her beautiful features and piercing blue eyes in over 40 gallons of milk! This was definitely a challenging shoot as it was actually extremely cold in there but Celeste with her easy going and fun personality made the shoot perfect. 

@MissCelesteStar basically naked in my bathroom

This is actually the first photo I took of Celeste a while back in my bathroom. Celeste has to be one of the most photogenic model I met. Mostly it is her eyes that captivates me. They’re very mysterious and deep at the same time, you can’t stop staring at them. She’s an accomplished model and a true beauty. Funny thing is she is a total tomboy and has so much energy she could be the spokesperson for Redbull ! She also has the most powerful voice I ever heard on set. You just can’t help liking this girl!

@NikkiBenz beautiful photo

I’ve only really worked with Nikki Benz a few times a long time ago. That’s actually a really old photo. This photo is surely more of an opportunity for me to praise the success of this amazing woman on my blog. I have the pleasure to call her a really good friend of mine… To me, she reigns as the supreme First Lady of the adult industry. There is a lot of models in the adult business but Nikki is the only one in the recent years to have such level of exposure and success. She’s very feminine and beautiful but don’t get any ideas because she’s also fearless! I’ve rarely seen such ability to combine an extremely sexy  look and antic humor.  Yes! She can joke around like a truck driver and make the toughest guys blush in ten seconds… She’s the most succesful adult star right now and she doesn’t even take herself seriously. This to me shows great character and confidence. “Respect!”

@ChanelPreston pics in sexy leather corset !

Chanel has an amazing muscular toned body and incredibly beautiful big tits. Chanel’s s body is a photographer’s dream. In her physical prime Melissa likes to keep in shape and views her body as a temple. Chanel has a powerful look which makes her perfect for leather type shoots.

@malenamorgan glamorous

Malena is a fantastic girl ! She’s smart, sexy and has an amazing body. With the features of a Greek goddess, the look in her eye is very powerful.

@malenamorgan making out naked with @RileyReidx3

Malena and Riley making out. It’s so beautiful and erotic how Malena picks up little sexy Riley I love that pic. When a woman is as perfect as Malena all she’s got to do is just to be herself…

My sexy lil friend @MondayBarr bottomless

I met Monday two years ago over in Hollywood and she’s like a secret agent always changing her appearance… tattoos, hair cut, hair color you name it. Some girls though are just so beautiful that they get away with anything. She has very delicate features and looks like a beautiful porcelain doll. She’s more the shy type when you don’t know her however I think her shyness somewhat adds a lot to her charm.